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Email Signature generator

Author: Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Last Updated: June 21, 2012 1:14:00 AM PDT
A Website which can generate your signatures depending upon the service you are using!

Engage Login Sample Application

Author: Matt Riley
Last Updated: June 6, 2012 10:12:25 PM PDT
A sample application that uses the Janrain Engage OpenID login system.

Enterprise App Blocks

Author: Nathan Owen
Last Updated: June 12, 2008 4:49:37 PM PDT
A set of admin screens to assist in making Enterprise Level Coldfusion applications.


Author: Andrew Scott
Last Updated: December 15, 2009 9:55:39 AM PST
Dump replacement for Entites taking care of lazy loading


Author: Greg Moser
Last Updated: June 6, 2013 1:35:25 PM PDT
CF w/ORM data list manipulation tool

EnvironmentConfig 1.3b

Author: Rolando Lopez
Last Updated: November 20, 2013 11:29:59 AM PST
Single Application XML config file for multiple server environments

Event Calendar - Sharing Calendar built with jQuery and CF

Author: John Mason
Last Updated: February 9, 2010 4:18:14 PM PST
Very similar to Google's Calendar system built with jQuery and ColdFusion

Event Manager

Author: Cristian Costantini
Last Updated: January 15, 2011 4:14:29 AM PST
ColdFusion Event manager

Event Registration

Author: Kevin Roche
Last Updated: April 19, 2007 6:28:25 AM PDT
Allows you to register people for an event, using their email address.

Event Registration System

Author: Steve Moore
Last Updated: May 29, 2011 8:29:09 AM PDT
Online Registration for Events

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