Managed Hosting




Welcome to our online community site, built using our own products and targeted to support developers building open source projects for our products and platform.

Now you can integrate existing or new open source projects in a centralized repository with simple functions and options for managing projects and more complex options for managing source code. RIAForge provides a consolidated hosting environment that transcends tools, geographies and functional teams and enables more efficient use of your time and resources.

Create your free account and start setting up your projects. RIAForge provides the following services that you can choose to use with your project:

  • Blog
  • Bug Tracker
  • Subversion
  • Forums
  • Download and View Stats
  • Ability to point to external resources (for those who already have an existing infrastructure).

Projects created here must be and will be open source, and will not be owned by Adobe. The exact open source license used for each project is up to the project lead.

RIAForge was the brainchild of Ben Forta. The principal developer for the project is Raymond Camden. The site uses many products itself, including BlogCFC, Galleon, and Lighthouse Pro. It also uses SVN code from Rob Gonda.

Other community open-source projects are hosted at OSFlash and some of those projects are listed and cross-linked here at RIAForge. If you don't see what you are looking for here, be sure to check there as well.