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Open Source projects built on Adobe technology

Welcome to our online community site, built using our own products and targeted to support developers building open source projects for our products and platform.

Now you can integrate existing or new open source projects in a centralized repository with simple functions and options. This site provides a consolidated hosting environment that transcends tools, geographies and functional teams and enables more efficient use of your time and resources.

As the world becomes a truly collaborative development environment with open borders between heterogeneous tools and platforms, the use of tools like this needs to remain free of charge. So that's what we have done.

Developers can freely create accounts and define new projects. Projects created here must be and will be open source, and will not be owned by Adobe. The exact open source license used for each project is up to the project lead, and must be clearly stated in the project description.


Projects can now specify what changed in their last update. You will see this information on the home page as well as on the project page itself.

Top Projects
1. JavaLoader This is a library that handles creation of Java objects from external Java libraries.
Updated February 16, 2012 by Mark Mandel

2. BlogCFC A blogging application.
Updated January 9, 2012 by Raymond Camden

3. Credit Card Generator Credit Card Number Generator
Updated September 3, 2009 by Dan Vega

4. Bytespring CMS Bytespring CMS is a simple XML based content management system.
Updated January 3, 2010 by Jason Sheedy

5. ColdFire ColdFusion Debugger ColdFire is a Firebug extension for ColdFusion debugging.
Updated January 20, 2013 by Nathan Mische

6. Galleon ColdFusion Forums Galleon is a forums application built in ColdFusion.
Updated January 19, 2013 by Raymond Camden

7. Mango Blog An extensible blog engine
Updated April 6, 2013 by Laura Arguello

8. FLEXible Basic FLEX2 MXML Designer/Editor created in FLEX2 ;)
Updated May 28, 2007 by John Grden

9. colorPicker Widget-like application for selecting/designing colors for use on the web
Updated March 2, 2008 by Brian Swartzfager

10. IIS to Tomcat Connector BonCode Connector to connect IIS and tomcat application server
Updated January 29, 2015 by Bilal

Latest Projects
1. cfmljure - using Clojure with CFML Makes it easy to use Clojure projects from CFML. Clojure is a Lisp, a functional programming language.
Updated March 2, 2015 by Sean Corfield

Release 0.2.1 fixes an edge case bug with symbol lookup and includes some performance optimizations that reduce the overhead ...

2. DBX SQL Server/CF Development Tool
Updated February 25, 2015 by Kevin Miller

Added 'support' for SQL2012; that is, DBX now identifies SQL2012 DSNs without rejecting them as unsupported. Internally, th...

3. CfStatic CfStatic is a framework for managing the inclusion and packaging of css and javascript in CFML applications, written by Dominic Watson, maintained by Team CF Advance.
Updated February 25, 2015 by Team CF Advance

4. Xindi A lightweight CMS ideally suited to smaller websites.
Updated February 24, 2015 by Simon Bingham

5. FW/1 - Framework One A very lightweight, convention-over-configuration MVC framework.
Updated February 24, 2015 by Sean Corfield

3.0 is available for general release and is now the default download Changes since RC 2: - minor bug fix to buildURL()/bu...

6. varScoper Utility to identify improperly scoped variables in functions
Updated February 18, 2015 by Mike Schierberl

7. Adaptive Images A server-side solution to automatically create, cache, and deliver device-appropriate versions of your website's images.
Updated February 12, 2015 by Julian Halliwell

MXUnit replaced with TestBox.

8. GoCardless CFML client library A CFML client library for the GoCardless Direct Debit payment API
Updated February 11, 2015 by Julian Halliwell

Replace MXUnit with TestBox as the testing framework.

9. CfTracker Access application, session, query cache, thread and memory information
Updated February 9, 2015 by David Boyer

* Updating Riaforge information to include note about the discontinuation of development.

10. ColdFusion Support Chat Coldfusion Live Support Chat Script
Updated January 30, 2015 by James Harvey

Moved Package to Version 1.1.1 on GitHub